Microsoft has created an excellent Chromium Edge browser, developed it until it became the second most-used browser over Firefox, and enhanced it with some amazing features—but people are still clinging to Internet Explorer. However, those who are still sticking to their IE-based guns will find themselves being gently shoved into using Microsoft Edge whether they want it or not.

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Microsoft's Crusade Against Internet Explorer

News of Microsoft's new plans to stop Internet Explorer use comes to us from Techdows. The website noticed that IE began behaving weirdly with webpages that had stopped supporting the old internet browser.

When someone visits one of these websites in IE, Microsoft decides to take over. Instead of showing an error message, the browser instead launches the webpage in Microsoft Edge without being prompted.

Of course, changing someone's web browser on the fly isn't the most subtle of switches. That's why Microsoft proceeds to tell the user that they're now browsing using Microsoft Edge because the website they visited doesn't support Internet Explorer.

You can disable Internet Explorer from opening Microsoft Edge by digging through Internet Explorer's advanced options. However, given this heavy-handed hint, perhaps Internet Explorer users should make a move over to Edge.

Why Is Microsoft Forcing Internet Explorer Users to Edge?

This may seem like a tyrannical move, but Microsoft may actually be doing more good than harm with its heavy-handed actions.

Internet Explorer is not as safe to use as it once was. Given that Microsoft is phasing out its apps from Internet Explorer, it's only going to get worse as time goes on.

Some people may still be using Internet Explorer because they're unaware of Microsoft Edge's existence. As such, Microsoft's prodding will hopefully redirect people to Edge, where they can surf the internet more safely.

Making the Jump to Microsoft Edge

Microsoft is keen to put Internet Explorer behind them and focus entirely on its new Edge browser. If you still use Internet Explorer to this day, be ready for Microsoft to give you some less-than-subtle prompts to swap over to its new Chromium-based browser.

If you're still unsure about making the jump from Internet Explorer to Microsoft Edge, you need not be concerned. The new Chromium-based Edge is a lot better than the older version of Edge and is well worth your time. In fact, Edge is gaining features that make it more productive than the top dog, Chrome.

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