In any industry, you need someone on the team who can know, manage, and analyze data. Data analytical skills help you to understand customer data and make smart business decisions. Excel is sophisticated spreadsheet software that can not only explore but has different ways to present your data.

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It takes a versatile skill set to get a job in these positions. While there are platforms and programming languages more suited to data analytics, online training in Excel and Data Analysis can help you achieve the career path you want.

What’s in the Bundle?

This massive bundle includes 24 courses on basics and advanced of Excel and data analysis. Let’s explore the bundle in detail:

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  1. Introduction to Excel: Basics of Excel, functions, and formulas. You’ll learn how to create charts and pivot tables with hands-on training exercises.
  2. Power Query, Pivot & DAX: Introduction to data modeling and business tools like power query, pivot, and data analysis expressions.
  3. Excel Data Visualization: Learn how to use Excel’s visualization tools, like filled maps, sparklines, interactive form controls, and more to understand data in a real sense.
  4. Advanced Formulas and Functions: It teaches you advanced formulas, formatting rules, filtering data, and integrate API into Excel to manage multiple datasets.
  5. Power BI Desktop: Learn how to use Power BI to connect data sources and build interactive dashboards to understand your data.
  6. Data Analysis with Pivot Tables: Pivot lets you explore and analyze raw data. Learn how to use pivot tables to get insights and trends to explore your data.
  7. Data Visualization with Charts and Graphs: Learn why, when, and how to use each chart type along with best practices.
  8. Excel for Data Analysis: Learn how to analyze data through projects, apps, with hand-on-training exercises.
  9. Basic/Advanced Excel Formulas: A course on 80+ Excel functions and formulas and when to use them.
  10. Project Finance Ninja Course: A course for applications of Excel in investment banking, private equity, corporate finance, and equity research.
  11. Power Query for Excel: A complete course on how to import, merge, shape, and clean data to prepare them for data analysis.
  12. Visual Storytelling with Power BI: You’ll learn how to blend and transform data to create interactive dashboards and reports.
  13. Tableau Course: Learn everything about tableau and apply statistical and visualizing skills to understand business problems.
  14. Python for Finance: Learn how to use Python to perform financial tasks and make predictions on financial data.
  15. Excel for HR Dashboard and Analytics: Learn how to use HR analytics in Excel to help businesses make data-driven decisions on acquisition and engagement.
  16. Excel for Sales Dashboard and Analytics: Excel techniques to prepare sales reports and perform analytics.
  17. DAX Made Easy: Learn how to use DAX to model and analyze your data.
  18. New Excel 365 Features: It discusses all the new features in Microsoft Excel 2019 and office 365.
  19. Google Sheets for Excel Users: Learn how to organize information, use sparklines, heatmap, pop-up calendar, and AI explore to create charts.
  20. 360-degree Financial Modeling and Valuation Course: An overview of financial modeling, and learn how to do valuation, perform discounted cash-flow valuation, CAGR, and client-ready deliverables.
  21. Alteryx Course: Learn how to use Alteryx Designer to automate your task and increase productivity.
  22. Excel VBA Tutorials: Learn how to create macros in Excel to automate repetitive tasks.
  23. SAS Programming Course: Become a data expert using the SAS data science tools.
  24. Advanced Excel Crash Course: An advanced course covering data cleaning, models, what-if analysis, pivot tables, and more.

Become a Data Scientist

The bundle is exhaustive as it covers Excel applications in various sectors. So get yourself enrolled in Excel and Data analysis course and start learning. The deal is available for only $70.

How to Do Basic Data Analysis in Excel

Excel isn't meant for data analysis, but it can still handle statistics. We'll show you how to use the Data Analysis Toolpak add-in to run Excel statistics.

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