Ikea has updated its Home Smart app to include scenes, which lets you control several smart home products at once.

Ikea Scenes

The new setting is seen to be a prelude to the release of Shortcut Buttons – physical buttons for triggering smart home devices remotely.

Ikea Smart Homes Get Smarter

The update only works with Ikea Tradfri Gateways running firmware version 1.12.31 or later and adds a new dedicated section to the top of the smartphone app. A sample scene shows users how they can add lighting and Sonos compatible speakers to turn off as part of an "All off" setting, working similarly to Amazon Alexa Routines.

This "one press, multiple outcomes" type of functionality is likely going to feature heavily in Shortcut Buttons, the wirelessly connected battery-powered switches Ikea previewed in December 2019. While Shortcut buttons are yet to be released, Ikea did accidentally list them as for sale on several of its European store pages, and it seems likely they'll be rolling them out soon.

Unfortunate Timing for Ikea

The new feature will be welcomed by those using Ikea smart home products, but it did come at an unfortunate time. The update landed right in the middle of a large Amazon Web Services (AWS) outage, affecting a large portion of the internet.

Several Ikea smart home users took to Reddit to ask if other people's Alexa and Google Home integration had stopped working, fearing the update might be a step towards Ikea restricting their home automation lineup.

Thankfully, the services came back online shortly afterward, and the updated features are available to all Ikea Home Smart app users.

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